Database Access with Slick


11:30-12:20  "Mild"


Stefan Zeiger

Stefan Zeiger is the tech lead for Slick. He joined Typesafe in 2011 after developing ScalaQuery, the predecessor to Slick, in order to work on the new project full-time. He has been a user of Java and the JVM platform professionally since 1996, working on a diverse range of projects from web servers to GUI frameworks and programming language design, and moving on from Java to Scala since 2008.

Slick is Typesafe‘s modern database query and access library for Scala. It allows you to work with stored data almost as if you were using Scala collections while at the same time giving you full control over when a database access happens and which data is transferred.

Whereas most database libraries either require you to write SQL code or are based on an ORM (object-relational mapping) architecture, Slick bridges the gap between functional programming and declarative querying. This talk gives you an overview of Slick's design and shows you how to use it, based on the upcoming release 2.0 which features a redesigned driver architecture, reverse-engineering of database schemas and query scheduling.